Nice Link to debut 8 new collections at Interwoven

HIGH POINT — Nice Link Home Furnishings, a provider of upholstery solutions in the furniture industry, will debut eight collections at the upcoming Interwoven, May 7-9.

From its newly expanded showroom on the 10th floor of Market Square Textile Tower, Nice Link will debut eight curated color palettes, each designed and constructed to enhance interior spaces with a focus on contemporary design requirements and the versatility demanded by the modern lifestyle. Each fabric selection narrates a unique color story, synthesizing texture, hue and pattern to cater to diverse interior design schemes. The introduction of eight distinctive color palettes anticipates and sets trends for the coming seasons.

Linen Luxe: Celebrating serene neutrals, this collection evokes the comforting embrace of billowing clouds and sun-kissed sands. Shades of taupe and warm neutrals offer a canvas of tranquility, bridging light and shadow in a timeless dance.

Tropical Twist: With turquoise at its core, this vibrant palette captures the essence of tropical waters and fiery sunsets, igniting spaces with warmth and youthful exuberance.

Mossy Meadows: Bold and contemporary, this selection showcases the versatile energy of green, from acid to evergreen, complemented by linen and chestnut brown for a modern yet classic appeal.

Water’s Edge: An array of blues forms the heart of this palette, exuding sophistication. Linen and mushroom brown provide a tranquil backdrop, creating an accessible yet luxurious narrative.

Opulent Bouquet: Deep burgundy, olive green and teal converge to articulate a story of opulence, infusing spaces with depth, drama and sophistication.

Happy Harvest: Echoing the richness of autumn, this palette blends deep reds with golden neutrals and rustic oranges, embodying warmth and the essence of nature’s bounty.

Calm Solutions: Light gray and mushroom brown anchor this collection, fostering an atmosphere of peace and serenity, accented by linen shades for a grounding effect.

Serenity Grove: This tranquil assemblage marries spa blues with calming greens, enhanced by muted rust and golden tones, inviting a peaceful respite in every setting.

“Our newest fabric collections are a testament to our commitment to staying on top of home fashion and market trends as well as responding to the needs of our customers,” said Doug Henderson, vice president of residential upholstery fabrics at Nice Link. “We’ve woven together color, comfort and style to create fabrics that not only meet but exceed the expectations of discerning industry professionals.”

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