Flexsteel plants 13,000+ trees ahead of July target date

DUBUQUE, Iowa — As environmental consciousness takes center stage with Earth Day and Arbor Day celebrations, Flexsteel Industries is proud to announce significant progress in their collaborative “Plant a Tree” campaign with the Arbor Day Foundation.

Flexsteel has planted 13,172 trees, surpassing its fiscal year objective well ahead of the July 2024 target. This achievement demonstrates Flexsteel’s commitment to environmental stewardship and celebrates the company’s dedication to its team members and customers. Each tree planted represents a special occasion in the lives of Flexsteel employees, marking birthdays and milestone anniversaries.

Additionally, Flexsteel extends this green initiative to its customers by planting a tree for every Flex sectional purchased at Costco and every visitor to Flexsteel’s showroom spaces. This extension includes planting an additional 1,422 trees for guests at the recent April High Point Market. These efforts help restore Longleaf Pine forests in the Southeastern United States, highlighting Flexsteel’s commitment to environmental restoration.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the work we have done this year. Planting trees isn’t just about restoring forests; it’s about nurturing hope for a greener future. We will continue our efforts in the coming year to plant over 20,000 trees.” said Jill Castro, environmental, social and governance manager at Flexsteel.

Flexsteel’s ongoing efforts emphasize the importance of corporate responsibility in addressing environmental challenges. By aligning these efforts with significant company milestones and celebrations, Flexsteel cultivates a culture of sustainability that engages and resonates with employees and customers.

As the company looks forward, Flexsteel is committed to continuing its partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and expanding its efforts to support a greener tomorrow. For more details about the partnership or to learn more about Flexsteel’s commitment to
sustainability, please visit Plant A Tree | Flexsteel Corporate (flexsteelindustries.com).

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