A look at Trisha Yearwood’s 1st collection with Legacy Classic | Modern

50-piece XXXs and OOOs features a modern farmhouse design that is accentuated with 4 distinct finishes

HIGH POINT — Trisha Yearwood’s newest licensed furniture collection developed in partnership with Legacy Classic | Modern has modern farmhouse design elements and a name inspired by one of her biggest hits.

The 50-piece XXXs and OOOs is the 10th collection in the line and the first introduced by Legacy, which showed two existing groups at the October market developed by a previous licensing partner.

Alongside the modern farmhouse design aesthetic, a signature element of the collection is the multiple finish options available on multiple wood species, including two-tone options seen in the dining and occasional part of the line.

Two are wood-tone finishes, which include a darker brown tone called Cocoa used primarily on red oak veneers and a lighter wood tone called Amber, shown on pieces made with mindi veneers. A lighter, soft-white tone called Cotton is used on birch veneers and is seen largely on table bases and the frames of cabinets, case pieces and beds among many other pieces in the collection.

This wardrobe, part of the new Trisha Yearwood XXXs and OOOs collection, is shown in the Bellflower finish.

These three finishes are available on all pieces, while a soft blue accent finish called Bellflower is seen on select pieces including dining chairs, a wardrobe and bedside tables and a bed bench, to name several.

The collection has three beds, including a canopy bed, a panel bed and a panel bed with a storage footboard. Other key bedroom pieces include a two-drawer nightstand, one-drawer nightstand with an open base, a seven-drawer dresser with side jewelry storage, and a nine-drawer chest.   

There are three dining tables, including a round pedestal base table that seats four comfortably and a rectangular trestle-base table with chair and bench seating that seats eight comfortably. There are also side pieces including a server with door and drawer storage and a display cabinet with drawer and enclosed shelf storage. Back panels on the display cabinet also come in four contrasting finish options while dining and occasional pieces are available in two-tone finishes.

For example, a customer can choose a table and chair set in any of the three solid colors, but also can get the table with a contrasting Cotton or Cocoa finish on the base and an Amber tone wood top. The same two-tone configuration is available on dining side pieces and display cabinets as well as occasional tables, entertainment consoles and even a desk in the collection.  

This panel bed, shown in the Cotton finish, features X motifs in the headboard.

Also, a kitchen bunching display cabinet with lighting and open shelves separated by two drawers can also be seen in a two-tone finish with a white frame and contrasting Amber finish on the tops. The trestle table is also shown with a Cocoa finish on the base and the Amber tone on the top, a color pattern mirrored by the server in the same room setting.

In occasional, the two-tone looks can be seen in cocktail tables and consoles shown with the Cocoa finish on the base and the lighter Amber tone on the tops.

X motifs also figure prominently in the collection as seen on the decorative motifs on panel beds, the headboard of the canopy bed and the door fronts of an entertainment console. O-shaped motifs can be seen on accent mirrors and the round dining tabletop as well as on hardware.

This rectangular dining table sports a top in the Amber finish and a base in the Cocoa finish. The two-tone effect is also seen on the side pieces that are part of the dining furniture mix.

The collection is priced similarly to other collections in the Trisha Yearwood licensed line. Queen beds start around $699 while a queen bed, dresser and mirror combination starts at $1,899. A five-piece dining set featuring the round pedestal-base table retails at $1,399, while the rectangular dining table and four chairs retails at $1,799. Servers start at $899.

 Of the collection, Yearwood said, “My new XXXs and OOOs collection holds a special place in my heart as my 10th furniture introduction, debuted during Legacy Classic | Modern’s  25th year in business. XXXs and OOOs continues my philosophy of simple, honest and comfortable furniture, designed and crafted with today’s consumer in mind. We’ve combined classic architectural forms and shapes with a unique mixture of finishes.”

With four distinct finishes, the collection aims to work in all parts of the country, noted Chris Pelcher, company president.

“We didn’t want the collection to be limited,” he said. “The styling of the product is such that based on the finish chosen, it can be positioned anywhere from New England to the Southeast, Chicago to San Diego and everywhere in between. It’s very versatile.”

The company said the collection also reflects Yearwood’s overall approach to home furnishings, “a comfortable aesthetic” that continues to do well in the marketplace.

“Trisha projects approachability,” Pelcher said. “She’s obviously a celebrity, but at the same time, she feels like she could be your next-door neighbor. In person, she’s a kind and incredible human being, so there’s no disconnect between the person and the celebrity. The furniture is extremely approachable and authentic.”

At market, the collection can be seen at the Legacy Classic | Modern showroom at 2622 Uwharrie Road in High Point.

Below are more images from the collection.

This display cabinet is shown in the Cotton finish and features a back panel in the Bellflower accent finish.
This round dining table seats four comfortably. It is shown in the Cocoa finish with chairs in the Bellflower finish.
This sideboard made with mindi veneers is shown in the Amber finish.
Shown here is a panel bed with X motifs in the headboard. It is shown in the Cocoa finish.
This nine-drawer chest is shown in the Amber finish on mindi veneers. A hangtag with a photo of Trisha Yearwood and a product description adds a storytelling element for the retail floor.
This seven-drawer dresser is shown in the Cocoa finish on red oak veneers.
This living room setting includes a desk, a cocktail table and console all of which are shown in a two-tone finish of Cocoa on the bases and Amber on the tops. Once again, X motifs figure prominently on the pieces.

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