30th edition of MIFF show reports 19,200 visitors

International attendance up 6% with the most visitors from China, India, Singapore, the US and Australia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — The 30th edition of the Malaysian International Furniture Fair reported a total of 19,213 visitors for its March 1-4 show, with an increase in both international visitors and record orders of $1.28 billion.

Overall show attendance was about level with the 2023 show, but officials reported a 6% increase in international attendance. There were 5,419 international attendees from 120 countries and regions, with attendance being highest in order from China, India, Singapore, the U.S. and Australia, followed by Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia and the U.K.

Buyers at the show discuss new products and pricing.

The show took place in just over 1 million square feet of space in two separate venues in downtown Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian International Trade and Exhibition Center and the World Trade Center Kuala Lumpur. It featured a wide mix of case goods, upholstery, occasional and accent furniture, bedding and other home furnishings from producers in 15 countries and regions including Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Vietnam and the U.S. There were a total of 715 exhibitors, including 359 from Malaysia and 356 from other countries. The show also featured a wide mix of commercial office furniture, including workstations and seating.

Other show highlights were as follows:

+ 68% of overall attendance was from Asian countries, and first-time visitors made up 43% of the total.

+ Manufacturers represented 25.4% of the overall visitor mix, followed by importers and exporters (17.34%) and wholesalers and distributors (15.8%).

+ Retailers represented about 15.7% of the overall attendance, followed by buying agents (5.2%), interior designers (4.2%), furniture designers and industrial designers (2.9%) and online stores (2.2%).

+ Bedroom furniture was the most-sought-after category, followed by living room furniture and upholstery, dining furniture, kitchen furniture, outdoor furniture, home office and youth furniture.

“This year’s show continues to highlight the fundamental role of MIFF in providing the international furniture industry with exceptional opportunities to do business and build valuable connections,” said Kelie Lim, general manager of MIFF. “Our new MIFF Furniverse app has elevated the experience for all participants because they are able to move faster and effectively through the show. We are thrilled to receive very strong rebookings for MIFF 2025, highlighting the importance of MIFF for exhibitors and buyers. And they can look forward to more quality and a better show next year.”

Next year’s show is also scheduled for March 1-4. For more information, visit, www.miff.com.my.

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