Legacy Classic | Modern celebrates 25th anniversary

HIGH POINT – March 21, 2024: The entrepreneurial spirit of Legacy Classic | Modern’s founders 25 years ago has had a resurgence in the company’s recent accomplishments.

“The entrepreneurial spirit exhibited by our founders Kevin O’Connor, Jerry Sagerdahl, Richard Mihalik and Samuel and Grace Kuo in 1999 has never been more alive and well at Legacy,” said President Chris Pelcher. “In our opinion, to be successful, you always need to think like a start-up. Some great examples just in the last year have included our ground-up expansion into motion furniture as a case goods specialist, and bringing on the Trisha Yearwood Home brand at Legacy.”

Legacy Classic’s Vintage Collection  in an updated Louis Phillipe design and decorative veneer work introduced in the early 2000s was one of the best-selling collections in the history of the furniture industry, according the company and many observers.

Twenty-five years ago, the founders of Legacy reimagined a new way to bring furniture to the retail marketplace by transforming the business model for imported furniture. Founding the company when the industry was on the cusp of globalization, Legacy pioneered a more cost-effective, easier, faster-to-market and more profitable model for retailers and importers that gave consumers access to fashion furnishings at value prices. Two of Legacy’s founders, O’Connor and Samuel Kuo, have been inducted into the American Furniture Hall of Fame for the industry-wide impact of their contributions.

Legacy’s disruptive new model fueled explosive growth at the company, which was further amplified when Legacy’s parent Samson Holdings purchased Universal Furniture in 2001. Since then, Samson has expanded further, today including Craftmaster, Baker and Lacquer Craft Mfg. along with Legacy and Universal.

Over the years, a “pioneering” practice has been evident at Legacy, Pelcher believes.

Last fall, casegoods specialist Legacy expanded into motion upholstery with a ground-up line that features upscale styling, multi-functional features and integrates wood trim and finishes from its best-selling occasional, bedroom and dining collections. Shown here is the Luna group.

“Legacy made a huge splash when it introduced the youth and teen category as an import line (in 2004),” he said. “Prior to Legacy getting into the category, youth was only available at the low end in paper or at the high end domestically. Legacy came in right in the middle, offering higher-end looks at 20-30% less and only slightly higher than paper goods. It was a revolution for the youth business.”

More recently, the company has reimagined motion upholstery with a fresh take on the category that integrates wood trim and finishes from its best-selling case goods, has an upscale stationary look and tasteful multi-functional features.

When the popular Trisha Yearwood Home license became available after Klaussner closed its doors, Legacy and Yearwood quickly connected to come to the next HPMKT as partners, and will debut Yearwood’s 10th collection at the Spring 2024 HPMKT. Shown here is Today’s Traditions, a top seller.

“We didn’t just reach out to a big motion supplier and slap a Legacy label on it; we have built a ground-up motion program from scratch,” Pelcher said. “We didn’t stop there. When we saw an opportunity with the Trisha Yearwood brand potentially being available, we didn’t wait on the sidelines; we reacted from gut instinct and got it done. These are the traits of the entrepreneurial spirit being alive and well at Legacy.”

Legacy will have a 25th Anniversary Celebration party on Sat. April 13 from 5-7 pm at its Uwharrie Rd. Showroom during High Point Market, with a DJ/Music, heavy appetizers and beer and wine selection.

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