Flexsteel offers aggressive product launches in Las Vegas

DUBUQUE, Iowa — Flexsteel is expanding its presence this winter at the Las Vegas Market, featuring a brand-new showroom located in Space A554. As Flexsteel grows across categories and product lines, the expanded showroom will allow more room to showcase both bestselling and new product introductions.

With the expanded space, Flexsteel plans to showcase new Latitudes, South Haven, Zecliner and Flex product introductions.

This expansion is a testament to Flexsteel’s commitment to growth and innovation while continuing to focus on exceptional customer experience for its retailers.

Latitudes: Artemis, Arthur, Austin, David, Endurance, Elizabeth & Wilson

A variety of new additions to the Latitudes collection will be showcased, including the Artemis and Arthur Power Recliner, the Austin, Elizabeth, and Wilson motion groups, as well as the David & Endurance stationery sofa groups. The Latitudes program by Flexsteel combines style, beauty, and comfort. These products are domestically stocked and ready to ship upon order. The Latitude products come with strong design lines, exquisite tailoring, upscale leathers, and our innovative spring system to support it all.

South Haven Additions: Drew, Bond, Finley Motion

Flexsteel will also display additions to its South Haven Program. A new collection of stationery pieces includes the Drew & Bond Groups. Additionally, The Finley Motion group draws inspiration from the best-selling Finley stationery collection. It features motorized reclining capabilities and seamlessly integrates stationary styling with motion features.

The program offers curated styles, finishes, and fabrics that our retailers can price easily. Consumers can buy without being overwhelmed with choices and provide great comfort and quality while meeting a 4-week manufacturing lead time.

Zecliner Model 2+

In the same way that Zecliner Model 2 was designed and built, the Zecliner Model 2+ is ideal for both daytime family sitting and nighttime sleep. It has Zero-Gravity reclining, charging ports, app technology, and lift capability. Model 2+ is armed with Nanobionic wellness fabric upholstery that has bio-based polymers that recycle your energy. Complete with our Blue Steel Spring at its core.

Buyers are seen in the Zecliner area of the Flexsteel showroom on Saturday at the Las Vegas Market.

Flex: Hubs

As part of its Flex modular seating system, Flexsteel will showcase The Flex hubs, a new addition that can be attached to any Flex seat in seconds with a C-Clip. These hubs can be used on their own or are attached to existing Flex configurations. They come in three storage hub options to match your needs, as well as a pet bed for the whole family.

Casegoods: Melody & Lattice

Flexsteel will highlight several new additions to its case goods collections including the Melody and Lattice dining. These collections are designed to meet the varied tastes of today’s consumers. Whether it is the minimalist designs for contemporary homes or intricately crafted pieces for more traditional spaces, there is something for every style.

Outdoor: Vista, Nova & Sky

Flexsteel’s newest category, Flexsteel outdoor, will be displayed at Las Vegas Market. The launch of Flexsteel Outdoor Living features three new collections: Vista Wicker Lounge, Nova Wood Dining and Lounge and the Sky Outdoor upholstered sofa group. With the introduction of these collections, Flexsteel brings its expertise in quality, durability, and design to outdoor living spaces by combining its meticulous craftsmanship with the best-sourced materials available, ensuring that its outdoor furniture meets the same exceptional standards as its indoor pieces.

Visit Flexsteel’s new showroom at Las Vegas Winter Market, space A554 at the World Market Center January 28th-February 1st. For buyers new to Flexsteel who are interested in viewing Flexsteel Industries’ brands and products, contact retail development@flexsteel.com

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