Spring Air to launch new Sleep Copper line at Las Vegas Market

WOBURN, Mass. – Major bedding manufacturer Spring Air International is continuing its campaign of presenting products with health benefits by launching its new Sleep Copper by Spring Air collection at the Jan. 28-Feb. 1 Las Vegas Market.

Sleep Copper encompasses three new beds featuring NatuVerex cold cover fabrics that are designed to help people sleep better, longer and recover faster. NatuVerex is a knit crafted using a patented yarn technology that incorporates a high copper content, 30% more, in fact, than typical copper-infused products.

Two of the new Sleep Copper beds are smooth-top hybrid models featuring Spring Air’s Back Supporter spring unit with encased coils. Much like the company’s popular Grand Hybrid line, the two hybrid models feature waterfall-style covers that crest over the sides, and are available in firm, medium and plush feels. Beneath the knit cover, the new designs offer varying depths of either copper-infused Visco memory foam, or copper-infused latex depending on the model. A third, top-of-the-line Sleep Copper entry is a traditional quilted EuroTop style mattress, which also features the Back Supporter spring unit at its core. Suggested retails are expected to range from $1599 to $2599 in queen.

“There have been numerous scientific studies that talk about the health benefits of copper,” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air. “As the health and wellness trend continues to grow in importance, we wanted to provide an offering for consumers who believe that copper’s properties can positively impact wellness and their overall wellbeing even while they sleep.”

With contemporary cover patterns, black borders and copper accents designed to stand out on retail floors, Bates said that Sleep Copper is “an eye-catching fresh take, and in fact, the natural next step, in Spring’s continued expansion into the hybrid category which continues to grow in popularity among consumers.”

He added that the health and wellness category is on the verge of “exploding” in the United States, so the timing of the Sleep Copper introduction this January could not be better.

“Our goal, as always, is to ensure that our dealers have the right product at the right time with the right marketing story to stand out in their marketplaces, and Sleep Copper checks every single box,” he said.

Indeed, to further help make retailers’ doors swing, Bates said Spring Air will be supporting the Sleep Copper product line with a new marketing campaign incorporating social media, as well as co-op dollars.  

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