Kuka Home launches Jet Set Motion line in High Point

HIGH POINT — Upholstery manufacturer Kuka Home is introducing Jet Set Motion, inspired by the opulence of private jet travel.

The company says the collection epitomizes design sophistication and unrivaled comfort. It features an exclusive patent-pending power drop-down table with state-of-the-art wireless charging stations. Its craftsmanship, premium materials and integrated technologies aim to deliver superior comfort and redefine the possibilities in motion furniture. With Jet Set Motion, Kuka Home says it set out to redefine the possibilities in motion furniture, setting itself apart as a design innovator in the industry.

Value-driven goods

Kuka Home says it is dedicated to becoming a leader in the motion market by making motion upholstery more accessible. By increasing cost efficiencies and strategically reducing prices in the promotional categories, Kuka Home said it aims to offer value-driven goods to meet diverse consumer needs.

“We understand that every consumer has different needs and budgets,” said Matt Harrison, president of Kuka Home North America. “That’s why we offer a variety of value-priced product options, ensuring we have something to offer at all price points.”

He added that through a diverse range of products, the company aims to give customers the freedom to choose what suits their unique lifestyles and preferences.

“Our advancements in innovative designs and value-driven solutions are a testament to our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of consumers,” Harrison said. “With our relentless focus on innovation, we strive to set new standards and exceed industry expectations.”

To learn more, visit Kuka Home in Furniture Plaza, Suite 614. 

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