CIN research to preview planned consumer furniture purchases through end of year

Research will begin publishing Sept. 11 and run for 4 successive weeks thereafter

HIGH POINT — Home News Now and its sister publications, Decor News Now, Bedding News Now and Casual News Now, will be releasing the latest edition of Consumer Insights Now starting the week of Sept. 10.

Fielded between June 28 and July 6, the research surveyed consumers planning to purchase one or more home furnishings products between July and December. The online survey gathered responses from more than 1,800 male and female furniture shoppers between the ages of 18 and 74 who represent a mix of generations, ethnicities and household incomes. The responses also include a mix of homeowners and renters.

The findings will be presented in five exclusive reports, beginning with the forward-looking product purchase plan overview to be published Sept. 11. In this segment, readers will receive information on the most popular categories that are top of mind for consumers, where they plan to buy these products and how they plan to pay.

Successive deep dives into how consumers live, dine and entertain at home will follow each week thereafter, offering a timely perspective not only on the amount of time spent in different areas of the home, but also the products they see as vital to their comfort in those spaces.

Finally, a style report will center on preferred design aesthetics and a buying influences report will focus on where consumers start the shopping journey, why they choose to shop in-store versus online and what factors drive the final purchase decision.

Data points in these segments include where shoppers plan to purchase, how much they plan to spend, how they plan to pay and various factors that affect their decision making.  

“Consumer Insights Now’s exclusive plan-to-buy research provides the industry with a product roadmap for business planning,” said Dana French, Home News Now’s research editor. “Insights into consumer influences and preferences are vital as today’s shopper remains under financial pressure and overall retail spending has slowed.”

As with previous reports, the data is presented in an easy-to-read format that is meant to be used by everyone in the industry, from manufacturers and suppliers to designers and retailers.

“This data aims to offer exclusive insights into what consumers plan to buy between now and the end of the year,” said Tom Russell, Home News Now editor-in-chief. “As such, we hope it is a tool that the industry can use to not only develop and merchandise product but also to know what to promote on the retail sales floor. Dana French has compiled and presented the most comprehensive and meaningful data available to the marketplace in an easy-to-read and beautifully illustrated format. We look forward to publishing this next installment. But most importantly, we look forward to the opportunities it affords your businesses to reach consumers with relevant products and designs in the coming months and hope it helps lead you to a path of success.”

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