Planned Furniture Promotions partners with IHFRA to help expand membership

HIGH POINT — Thanks to creative thinking and generous support from Planned Furniture Promotions, the International Home Furnishings Representatives Association is hoping to net itself about three dozen new members.

As a longtime supporter of IHFRA and its members, Planned Furniture Promotions is partnering with IHFRA to help the group grow its membership. “Our company recognizes the key role that the independent sales rep plays to the overall success of the home furnishings sector, and we’ve come up with an initiative to help IHFRA expand its membership,” said Tom Liddell, senior vice president and director at PFP.

With that in mind, beginning in June, PFP will pay half the cost of an annual membership to IHFRA for up to 40 independent sales reps who have either never been a member of IHFRA or have not been a member in the past year.

“Now, more than ever, the independent rep is being called upon to seamlessly bridge the gap between the supplier and the retailer,” said Liddell, adding, “and with the role of the rep never having been more important, all of us at PFP want  to help grow the community of good reps.”

IHFRA Executive Director Ray Allegrezza was thrilled to learn of PFP’s support. “Our annual membership for an individual rep is $165 a year and includes scores of benefits that range from medical, dental and vision benefits to deep discounts for printing, car rentals, hotel rentals and so much more.”

Allegrezza added, “This generous move by PFP literally cuts membership in half for new members as well as for members who have not been active in IHFRA for a year. There is strength in numbers and we are confident that both new and returning members will be pleasantly surprised by the plethora of goods, services and benefits available to them.”

He added that, in addition to being a loyal supporter of IHFRA, PFP also enjoys a long reputation for bringing creative solutions to the industry.

For more information about PFP, click here.

For more information about IHFRA, or to join as part of the PFP initiative, click here.

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