3CAD expands partnership with Natuzzi

3CAD is pleased to announce the furthering of its partnership with Natuzzi. The globally recognized furniture company has selected 3CAD’s customizable visual CPQ software to offer consumers a seamless experience when ordering customized sofas.

The adoption of the software allows Natuzzi to make the shopping experience ever richer and more engaging. In fact, through configuration, the company offers its customers an almost infinite range of products in terms of versions, combinations and materials. An opportunity that would not be possible on the exhibition floors due to insurmountable physical limits, but which through 3D reaches very high levels of personalization allowing Natuzzi to express its tailor-made nature by translating the requests and needs of customers and thus raising the levels of satisfaction of the same.

The customer also has the opportunity to virtually see the products chosen within their own environments by comparing them with each other and building a more complete and secure shopping experience. Finally, the configurator automatically generates the list of products and integrates with the company’s management systems.

A view of a leather sofa as seen on 3CAD’s customizable visual CPQ software tool.

Natuzzi requires software that not only offers 3D visualization and configuration, but also provides a stronger connection between its sales and production. 

Because modern consumers expect higher levels of customization than furniture companies have traditionally provided, reaching this goal is vital to Natuzzi securing an advantage in an extremely competitive market. For a company that values its relationship to customers so it is not enough to merely provide customizable options. Natuzzi also needs to ensure it can deliver its customers a seamless experience from the time they place their order to when they receive their customized sofa.

This all combines to make 3CAD a natural choice. Having previously partnered with 3CAD on its sales order management software, Natuzzi was already aware of common corporate values: as a Cyncly company, 3CAD is dedicated to helping companies put the consumer at the heart of their business. 

But beyond the shared goal of putting customers first, 3CAD’s highly customizable 3D visualization and configuration software is the perfect solution to allow Natuzzi customers to not only customize versions, models, fabrics, leathers, etc. for its range of sofas, but also see exactly what all their customizations will look like. 

The benefits to Natuzzi are multiple: faster sales, increased website engagement, first-hand data on consumer trends and control over every step of the sales journey. A potential customer can save their customizations, connect online or in-person with the nearest dealer and proceed with a confirmation order almost instantaneously. 

Once the customer places their order, 3CAD works behind the scenes to validate it in an instant, create accurate BOMs and significantly reduce lead times through direct CNC integration. All the orders are also organized into a single view that eliminates errors and gives greater control to the manufacturer.

The end result is a seamless and speedy experience for the customer that meets the company’s needs and continues to increase 3CAD’s reputation as an industry leader in the future of visual CPQ software.

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