Mueller Furniture shows people how furniture can promote health, relaxation during Stress Awareness Month

Ellisville, MO (April 24, 2023) — According to the American Psychological Association, nearly three-quarters of adults (76%) said they have experienced health impacts due to stress. April is Stress Awareness Month and Mark Mueller, Owner of Mueller Furniture, is encouraging people to choose furniture that not only looks good but can provide health benefits as well. 

Mueller Furniture is using this Cozzia massage chair to help educate people on how furniture can promote health and relaxation during Stress Awareness Month.

“Whether you’re spending hours hunched over a desk working, on your feet for hours at a time or constantly looking at your phone, we all do things in our daily life that can be harmful to our posture, neck and spine,” said Mueller. “In the past few years, there have been more and more furniture pieces promoting circulation, decreasing inflammation and providing proper lumbar support. We know this is an area where people are looking for furniture that not only looks nice but will help their body relax.”

Statistics show that nearly 30 million Americans suffer from lower back pain and one out of every three Americans struggle to sleep at night. Mueller said that for people who have chronic back pain or problems sleeping, he recommends a massage chair or an adjustable mattress that can help give you better sleep.

“We all recognize the importance of controlling stress and anxiety and we’re seeing more products enter the market that are designed with stress-relieving health benefits in mind,” said Mueller. “We have Cozzia massage chairs that are specifically designed to promote a healthier lifestyle and increase blood flow, which helps improve circulation. A massage can calm the nervous system, reduce stress hormones that can often be correlated with chronic illnesses or diabetes. Adjustable beds also can help lower blood pressure and improve sleep.”

If you are interested in finding furniture that can help benefit your specific health or promote tranquility in your home, head to or stop by at one of their three locations in Lake St. Louis and Ellisville, MO along with its flagship store in Belleville, Illinois.

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