USB study: GhostBed nets 46% gain in brand awareness

PLANTATION, Florida – GhostBed, a leading online mattress retailer and manufacturer of boxed beds, has logged a 46-percent gain in brand awareness, from 2021 to 2022, the largest increase of any of its peers, according to the latest UBS Evidence Labs report of consumers.

The UBS study was fielded earlier this year and was composed of 2,500 consumers, of which nearly 40-percent were actively shopping for mattresses. While GhostBed saw a dramatic increase, competitors like Tempur-Pedic and Casper had a decline in consumer brand awareness year over year. With GhostBed’s rise, it is now neck and neck in consumer’s minds with both of these brands, each of whom have 19-percent and 20-percent consumer brand awareness, respectively. The majority of the companies in the study had declines.

“The UBS study is validation that the millions of dollars we spend each year building our brand through numerous and innovative advertising channels, public relations and our collaboration with Venus William is resonating with consumers,” said, GhostBed Executive Vice President Alan Hirschhorn.

The report showed interesting trends like the rise in popularity of in the direct-to-consumer channel, but steadiness in the number of shoppers who still want the experience of a physical store.

“There is no question that boxed bed brands must have a multi-channel approach to sales. The uptick in our brand awareness ratings coincides with the dramatic growth in our retail presence with the Venus Williams product,” he added.

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