Manwah USA adds zero gravity functionality as a free upgrade to its MW Home line

HIGH POINT — Motion furniture manufacturer Manwah USA said it is offering an exclusive zero gravity mechanism on all of its MW Home products as a free upgrade to its retail customers.

The company also is making the zero gravity option available on all its new Cheers motion product in development. Manwah said adding the zero gravity functionality to its line allows it to tap into the $4.2 trillion wellness market.

“While zero gravity products have been offered in this industry before, no company has transitioned its entire line of power motion products with no additional costs to retailers,” said Gabriele Natale, president of Manwah USA. “This is now a free upgrade for all Manwah products and gives our retailer partners a stronger benefit story and consumers a reason to choose Manwah’s products over others.”

In addition to providing a more comfortable positions to relax, read, watch TV and play video games, the company said the zero gravity mechanism can help with pre-existing health conditions such as back or neck pain, while also helping consumers sleep better.

The company said that its zero gravity products relieve pressure points, reduce back pain, reduce hip pain, reduce neck, and shoulder pain, relieve sore muscles and reduce foot swelling. The feature also helps improve breathing, promotes circulation throughout the body, helps achieves better heart health and gives relief from heartburn as well as acid reflux, thus improving digestion.

“Manwah’s power potion upholstery has always offered consumers a comfortable seating experience which could be customized to anyone’s individual preference, that today is now enhanced with a wellness component,” Natale said.

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