Latexco US to unveil new mattress core at ISPA Expo in Orlando

LAVONIA, Ga. – At the upcoming International Sleep Products Assn. Expo in Orlando, Fla., foam producer Latexco US will unveil a new mattress core called Silhouette that the company said combines two of its best innovations in ventilation and multi-zoned comfort.

Silhouette offers cross-linked ventilation across seven zones of comfort and support for key areas of the body, offering what the company describes as “constant air ventilation throughout the core for temperature and moisture regulation in addition to body-shaped zones for progressive comfort and support.”

It was inspired by Latexco’s best-selling mattresses in Europe and is designed to provide a micro-climate that the company said promotes the best conditions for sleep by:

·      Reducing heat build-up and enabling air circulation through drainage pattern channeling

·      Supporting the body progressively from head to feet through an exclusive conical design of perforations

·      Distributing pressure equally for contoured support through zoned density and firmness levels

“Silhouette is the perfect demonstration of what innovation means at Latexco,” said Evi Brilleman, vice president, marketing and business development. “We found a way to make an excellent new product by combining the best of the mechanical and thermal features and benefits of two already great products. When we improve the quality of sleep for people, we are also improving their quality of life.”

 Latexco US will debut Silhouette along with other innovations in booth 801 at the March 8-11 ISPA Expo in Orlando, Fla.

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