CPSC updates online Fast Track recall reporting system

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has established an upgraded online reporting system for Fast Track recalls that allow companies to help institute a product recall sooner versus later.

This new online reporting system, which is required for companies wanting to use the Fast Track process, makes consumers aware of products with safety issues earlier in the product recall process, thus helping them to avoid potential injury in or outside the home.

Wholesalers and retailers also can avoid potential liability by more quickly recalling those items and warning consumers about products with potential problems before they cause any type of injury.

“Our goal is to protect consumers, by identifying and removing hazardous products from the marketplace more quickly, and by streamlining the recall process,” said CPSC Chair Alex Hoehn-Saric.  “We are extremely proud of the hard work that CPSC staff put into creating this new tool to facilitate online reporting.”

Going into effect Jan. 31, the online reporting system is mandatory for those companies wanting to participate in the Fast Track process. The updated Section 15(b) reporting system can be viewed at www.saferproducts.gov/business.

Reports received via email, fax, or mail for participation in a Fast Track recall will be rejected after this date, and users will be directed to resubmit their reports via the online system.

The CPSC said the system has a user-friendly interface that includes hover-over features and guidance for companies as they navigate the submission process. 

Companies using the new site also will obtain an email that includes all information submitted to the CPSC through the system. In addition to case updates, the system will offer reminders about important deadlines as well as contact information for CPSC staff handling their specific report.

The system is also mobile friendly, allowing users to submit reports and attachments with their cell phones or tablets. And those businesses that participate in the program will have a chance to review and approve a system-generated draft recall press release before submitting their report, all of which aims to help expedite the recall process.

The CPSC is also encouraging non-Fast Track filers to use the updated system too,  as it allows them to easily file an initial report and submit additional information or documents through the system.

Additional information on the upgraded online system can be found here.

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