Lovesac partners with Amazon Prime Video in launch of Sactionals StealthTech Sound + Charge

STAMFORD, Conn. — The Lovesac Company (Nasdaq:LOVE), the home furnishing brand best known for its Sactionals, The World’s Most Adaptable Couch™, is excited to announce the launch of Sactionals StealthTech Sound + Charge. This first-of-its-kind innovation features immersive surround sound by Harman Kardon and convenient wireless charging, all seamlessly embedded and hidden inside the endlessly adaptable Sactionals platform.

The Immersive Sound + Charge System turns your Sactional into a personal cineplex, delivering immersive 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound by Harman Kardon. (Photo: Business Wire)

The System includes two Sound + Charge Sides each with embedded front- and rear-firing Harman Kardon speakers, a Subwoofer that easily integrates into a Sactionals Seat Frame and a Center Channel, all working in unison to deliver captivating surround sound that’s completely hidden from view. Customers will also have the option expand the system with up to four Satellite Sides, acting as additional surround sound speakers, and Satellite Subwoofers (coming soon) to add more bass in more Seats. This level of customization gives customer the opportunity to enhance the system as they choose.

Lovesac holds patents that are key to making Sactionals StealthTech Sound + Charge truly innovative. Our proprietary technology tunes the system to the unique layout of a customer’s Sactionals, providing optimal sound quality from every Seat. Additionally, we’ve developed a way of optimizing the sound properties to the precise characteristics, density, and color of a customer’s chosen Sactionals Covers, allowing sound to pass through fabric and upholstery with superior quality and immaculate clarity. These technologies allow the system to adapt to virtually any configuration and Cover selection for a fully personalized experience.

Customers can control the system using the provided remote or by downloading the Lovesac StealthTech App. Inside the app, customers can reoptimize the system at any time to a new layout or Cover selection. They can also control audio settings, save their own sound profiles, and choose between Harman Kardon designed sound modes to pair with movies, music, TV or news. Once initially connected, customers can simply turn on their TV at any time and instantly enjoy the immersive surround sound from their Sound + Charge System.

“We wanted to give customers an alternative to surround sound that didn’t mean unsightly speakers and wires all around the room,” said Lovesac founder and CEO, Shawn Nelson. “We solved that problem by embedding the speakers inside our Sactionals. The result is a proximity to the speakers and subwoofer that isn’t just a good system hidden in a couch, Sactionals StealthTech Sound + Charge is a superior surround sound experience that you can hear and feel, without the clutter and visible wires. Whether you’re watching a movie as a family, meditating alone, or watching the game with friends, the System adapts to your lifestyle without sacrificing style and comfort.”

Customers can visit their local Lovesac showroom and select Best Buy locations to demo the immersive surround sound of Sactionals StealthTech Sound + Charge. The system will MSRP for $3,700, with an expected selling price of $2,923.

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