Spring Air International re-introduces luxury Chattam & Wells line for brand’s 25th anniversary

WOBURN, Mass. –Spring Air International has been working closely with its branding team to re-introduce its luxurious Chattam & Wells luxury hand-made mattress as a nod to the brand’s 25th anniversary. As part of its evolution into the future, the company has refined the look and feel of the elite mattress along with its consumer-facing website. The newly polished Chattam & Wells line will be unveiled at Spring Air’s Licensee Summit this month.

Introduced in 1996, Chattam & Wells was created as the first truly U.S.-designed luxury mattress. Handcrafted with the finest materials, the enhancements include distinctive elements such as a new quilted border pattern and color, premium upholstery-grade fabrics, natural horse tail fibers, an eye-catching brass tag and other indulgent elements designed to further elevate the brand, so it instantly stands out on the retail floor.

Spring Air International’s California licensee ensures the bed builds are up to the exacting standards of the Chattam & Wells brand. Pictured from left to right are: Rion Morgenstern, CEO of Spring Air California; Carter Gronbach, president of the California licensee, Jennie Schuh, senior product manager and Nick Bates, president, Spring Air International.

“This year marks a major milestone for Chattam & Wells as we celebrate its 25-year anniversary,” said Nick Bates, president, Spring Air International. “When we first launched the brand, it was an immediate hit with retailers and consumers because of the story we built around it and all of the accoutrements that went into it. We crafted the mattress in a special way, wrapping it in an amazing package that culminated in an authentic luxury mattress that offers truly unparalleled comfort.”

Bates added, “While reflecting on its past success we realized that indulgent refinements would raise the already high bar, infuse new energy into the brand and revitalize it for the next 25 years. It will also further elevate the brand equity built over the years while maintaining many of the key features and benefits consumers have come to love.”

A highly successful brand with an equally impressive story, Chattam & Wells has an ever-growing presence in the Spring Air portfolio.

As part of the product development process, Spring Air researched trends in mattresses, fashion and interior design to develop a new look –and an even more sumptuous feel. Using materials and techniques borrowed from the furniture industry, the new look is built to last and speaks to not only how it will look on the outside but what it is made of on the inside. As consumers continue to look for well-made luxury products that provide better quality sleep, the brand is poised to solidify its role as Spring Air’s crown jewel luxury mattress. 

With its designed in California heritage, Spring Air tapped the expertise of their California licensee to ensure the bed builds and retail margin targets are up to the exacting standards demanded by the brand. “We pushed the limits of what is possible in these builds,” said Rion Morgenstern, CEO of the California facility. “As with the last launch we applied unique materials and techniques that set Chattam and Wells apart from other luxury mattresses.”

“We carefully examined every aspect of Chattam & Wells to make meaningful and deliberate refinements that will result in increased benefits and a more luxurious sleep experience. The attention to the details is what makes the difference,” Bates says. “Our branding team has been working on this for months, evaluating the brand standards and leading the redesign process, integrating the new enhancements with existing attributes in a fresh way. We consulted with our licensing partners, articulated the brand’s position in the marketplace and built a story that envelops Chattam & Wells and will resonate with today’s luxury consumer. We’re very excited to share details at the unveiling.” 

Along with a new stylish look, the refinement stays true to quality, design and value and is expected to hold its top position in Spring Air’s house of brands. Licensees will begin taking orders in October and expect to deliver in December. The brand will be on display in Spring Air’s Las Vegas showroom during the Winter Market in January 2022.

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