AICO hosts blood drive

PICO RIVERA, Calif. — Full line furniture manufacturer AICO / Amini Innovation Corp recently hosted a blood drive at its corporate offices in Pico Rivera in conjunction with the City of Hope. After a very successful blood drive in February 2020, AICO again called upon employees as well as businesses within the local community to come out for this two-day drive conducted by the skilled medical technicians from City of Hope’s Michael Amini Transfusion Medicine division.

City of Hope relies on more than 37,000 units of blood and platelets every year for their patients, and maintaining a safe and adequate supply has been far more challenging as a result of the pandemic. Said AICO CEO Michael Amini, “I am proud of our staff for answering the call to this vitally important initiative. We had over 50% of our staff roll up their sleeve to donate. Each donation truly makes a difference.”

“Blood levels have dropped to dangerously low levels due to restrictions on donors’ ability to visit hospital campuses”, states Chuck Reilly, EVP of AICO and Chair for the City of Hope’s Furniture Industry fundraising arm. Reilly added, “blood mobiles, which support the Michael Amini Transfusion Medicine at City of Hope, have become a true lifesaver as they attract people of all blood types from the community, making it a convenient and quick process. It is our goal to work with City of Hope to have multiple events each year to support this important cause”.

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