Consumer Insights Now Report No. 5 – West Coast

HIGH POINT — This week marks the latest and final installment in our Consumer Insights Now regional reports. 

Those who have been following these for the past five weeks have seen us track consumers around the country, first with a national overview, followed by individual overviews of the Northeast, South Atlantic, East and West South Central, and Midwest states. Each segment has given a glimpse at planned consumer purchases for the balance of the year.

This week our research is focused on the West Coast, where we have surveyed 428 consumers in 13 states including Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. 

As with our previous surveys, this one delves into what categories are highest on consumer wish lists, along with where they plan to shop, where they begin their search and what factors — including price, style and in-stock availability — drive their decisions. 

Other key areas of the survey include a breakdown of popular styles in the region, where consumers look for design inspiration and the degree to which consumers plan to use a designer as part of their decorating plans. The research also breaks down consumer buying preferences by category, including the types of mattresses they are looking to buy and what qualities they are seeking in wood furniture and upholstery.

As we conclude our Consumer Insights Now reports, we hope this and the others prove useful to your business in the months ahead, providing information that helps guide some of your own product buying decisions including at this week’s High Point Market. 

That said, we also wish you a successful week ahead finding the products that best suit the needs of your store and your customers.

One thought on “Consumer Insights Now Report No. 5 – West Coast

  1. Thank you for this latest report. Question – did we miss something when reviewing the MIDWEST REPORT? All other CIN reports [including this one] were content consistent. However, and disappointedly, the MIDWEST REPORT appeared very much source and content abbreviated. Did we miss something?

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